Major Change is not the end of the world. I can testify because I changed mine my second college year! If you notice signs early enough, you will be able to change to a major you love and enjoy! See below for the 3 biggest signs you are unhappy with your current major.

1) You are beyond BORED!

When you go to class and are unable to focus, resistant to do assignments, and plain sick of the material you might want to reconsider your major. The major you choose should be interesting because you will be pursuing a career in that area. 

If you are bored, check out College Majors 101  which offers information on 150 different college majors.

major change

2) You have a gut feeling!

Do NOT ignore your gut feeling! There is a saying, “go with your gut!”. According to the American Psychology Association, there is total truth to the saying! Coming from someone who switched their major, I am happy I decided to early. If your gut tells you something is not right then be sure to listen.I promise that a major change is NOT the end of the world. You will feel relief when you find a major that interests you.

3) You picked your current major on a whim!

I have seen this happen to a lot of students. They pick a major on a whim because they feel like they have to. They might have picked the major because it sounded easy or because of the potential salary after graduation. Truthfully, some thought should go into picking a major. If you picked a major for no substantive reason then you might want to reconsider. Plan ahead, consider what interests you, and look at alternative options. 

major change

There are a ton of resources to help you find your way. I recommend speaking with your adviser, professors, and if possible see if you can have an upper-level student mentor you.  There are also free resources available on the internet such as Career Fitter’s assessment and MyMajor.


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