Writing creative notes makes studying extremely satisfying! There are a TON of examples of creative note takers on Instagram. you will be so impressed if you search the hashtags #studygram, #bulletjournal or #study ! See below for four of my favorite note takers!

  1. Instagram @emily_studies If you need note inspiration, you MUST follow this Instagram page! She uses a variety of lettering and colors to make her notes organized and fun. Headlines are extremely bold and clearly organized .Additionally, her lettering is on point! See below a few examples of her Biology notes.
  2. INSTAGRAM @student.habits This page is addicting because there is SO much inspiration! Her notes are extremely organized using headings, various lettering, and  pops of color. Who knew Photosynthesis could be so pretty?
  3. INSTAGRAM PAGE @study_session I love this page because of the originality! Instead of using college-ruled paper she uses graphing paper. The lettering is also beautiful  because a combination of narrow, small, and large letters.
  4.  Instagram @study.us I absolutely love the spacing in these notes! They are colorful, headlines are clear, and spacing is consistent.

You now have some notespiration to make your studying more colorful! What are you thoughts on creative writing? Have you ever tried it?

If you are a creative note taker then please send us your notes! I personally love writing mine with lots of color, highlights, and strong headings because it is easy to read later!

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